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Nothing’s noise-cancelling earbuds is being releasing on a number of big streetwear focused e-commerce sites. So who are they and why they dare to create a product that would challenge the Apple Airpods? Actually, the never-heard-about brand was created by the ex co-founder Carl Pei of OnePlus , a successful Chinese technology company. It is also backed by Tony Fadell, GV, and Casey Neistat. Nothing’s Ear 1 earbuds are scheduled to launch on August 17, but you can pre-book them on the company’s website before the launch if you are eager enough to try a unique blend of technology and aesthetics.

What’s so different about Nothing’s noise-cancelling earbuds?

In 2020, Apple held the most market share (31%), with Xiaomi (9%) and Samsung (7%) in the global wireless headset market. [source] According to Polaris Market Research, the wireless earbuds market will grow to $14.51 billion by 2028. The exponential growth is due to rising internet and mobile technologies and the demand for high-quality wireless audio. Nothing aims to be a part of that growing market, debuting with Ear 1. 

Here’s how Nothing’s noise-cancelling earbuds are different than its competitors:

– A transparent design that reveals the inner components of the stem.

– The earbuds come with IP X 4 for splash and water resistance.

– The in-ear detection turns the music off when the buds are pulled out and on when they are back in.

– The device houses 11.6 mm drivers, which are pretty big for the size.

– The transparent case comes with precise depressions to hold the earbuds. It is small enough to fit in your pocket (58.6 x 58.6 x 23.77mm).  

– The earbuds do not easily get dislodged during physical activity.

– You can mute external noise by enabling noise cancellation and let it all back in by switching to the transparent mode.

– The earbuds can run up to 4 hours with ANC on and over 5.7 hours with ANC off. With ANC, the case offers 24 more hours, and with ANC off, it can give you around 34 hours.

– The earbuds support both SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs.

– You can tap twice to play/pause and three times to go back or skip forward or use the swiping gesture to change the volume.

The design of the earbuds

The front part of the stem shows ANC microphones, touch sensors, and a dot (red to indicate right and white to indicate left). Transparency is the core element of the overall design and the feature that makes these earbuds look cool. If it weren’t for the transparent stem, they would look like any other earphones on the market. They do have a similar feel as the Apple Airpods Pro.  

The ear-facing side of the earbuds shows the magnets, pins for charging, and detailed circuitry. 

The transparent case has rounded corners with a nice finish and opens and closes with spring tension. You can find both USB-C ports (for wired charging) and Qi (for wireless charging).

Additionally, Nothing’s noise-cancelling earbuds come with a companion app for both iOS and Android from where you can make voice, treble, and bass adjustments and find the earbuds in case you lose them. Through the “find my earbud” feature on the app, the earbuds make a loud ring to help you locate them.

With active noise-cancellation, water resistance, and wireless charging, the feature-rich earbuds may not be worth the hype but they are worth the price.


Hybrid Rituals

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.