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Li & Fung, a Hong Kong-based supply management company, has invested his 3D expertise to help apparel brands garner extensive experience in digital product design for a quick digital transformation. 

UNIFi3D is a 3D-as-a-service designed specifically for apparel brands to accelerate their growth in creating 3D products and services. The project is Idy Lee’s vision, a former head of Li & Fungs Digital Product Development Center of Excellence. With her team of 3D experts, Lee will directly partner with apparel companies to help them at the initial stage of developing a 3D product so the companies can scale up and go to market quickly.

Digital product manufacturing promises faster development and time-to-market with sustainability as a bonus. But for many apparel brands who want to contribute to sustainability find it challenging to transition to digital product manufacturing. According to Idy Lee, who now serves as the head of UNIFi3D, “while 3D is the first step to digital transformation, it requires a technology-savvy workforce. Apparel brands, however, are built by creative, artistic people with a vision — not technologists. Brands who partner with UNIFi3D benefit from our product development expertise and manufacturing know-how, while their designers continue to provide creative direction. 

UNIFi3Ds tech services and will help brands: 

– Reduce product development time by 70%. 

– Go to market faster and start selling quickly. 

– Be responsive to consumer trends in a timely fashion. 

– Create a plan for sales and marketing before manufacturing and increase the sell-through rate.

– Reduce physical samples and contribute to sustainability by creating digital mockups of products. 

In addition to its tech services in 3D, the company also offers educational materials for its client base, fostering an environment that allows for quick adoption of 3D. The company’s workshops aim to help brands reduce pitfalls and learn innovative ways to identify market trends for 3D products. Additionally, the training will teach brands how to successfully coordinate between sourcing, design, development, and e-commerce.

About UNIFi3D and LFX 

LFX is an offshoot of Li & Fung, a supply chain company that aims to increase efficiency across different supply chain units within an industry. The company focuses on digital ventures that promise to transform supply chains through innovative digital tech solutions. UNIFi3D is a 3D-as-a-service that helps retailers and brands create digital products quickly and effectively so they can accelerate progress in 3D manufacturing. 

If the partnerships that stem from this initiative are successful, it will create a consistent supply of sustainable fashion practices for digital transformation. These practices will further help brands become more responsive towards the sustainability needs of our environment. 

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.