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The French-based multinational luxury brand, Kering, has joined lablaco’s avant-garde Circular Fashion Summit  to bring sustainable materials to light. The event will be a part of Paris Fashion Week and is scheduled in virtual reality on 1-3 October 2021.

Kering circular fashion summit

With this decision to join CFS, Kering has taken a revolutionary step towards helping the fashion industry transition to a circular economy for a combined global change. The brand will reportedly bring its sustainable materials and fashiontech startups to the global summit.

What is a circular economy?

In a circular economy, manufacturers create products that can be reused or recycled. This systematic approach to reduce waste seeks to benefit businesses and the environment. Brands like Kering and companies like lablaco are actively participating in the transitional movement that will make the circular economy mainstream.  

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For this year’s summit, Kering will feature startups from its in-house startup incubator and pilot program that are actively creating sustainable materials. The luxury giant aims to bring them to market through their commitment to CFS goal n2, which seeks to empower the Impact Design Hub Honorees 2021. The luxury brand would be providing sustainable materials from its own production houses to foster the production of digitized circular and connected IoT products that would use lablaco’s blockchain-based circular retail technologies.

Speaking about the collaboration, Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering’s Chief Sustainability, and Institutional Affairs Officer stated:

“With kering circular fashion summit, the company is aiming at driving change within the fashion industry through innovation, and part of our sustainability roadmap is focused on this challenge. As we are thriving to innovate in a 360° approach, we have launched our ‘Circularity Ambition’ earlier this year, with the ambition to transform our business model deeply. Collaborating with groundbreaking new initiatives, such as the Circular Fashion Summit, will help us share our best practices as well as spark our imagination and inspire us in the long run to reach our 2025 target.”

Kering wants to lead the change in the fashion industry through innovative manufacturing solutions and sustainable materials that would disrupt the current manufacturing systems. Through the use of circular economy models and biotechnologies, Kering has put forth several sustainability solutions including recycled fibers that can create new garments. To create practical solutions for the circular economy, the brand started its own Materials Innovation Lab that currently is a hub for over 3,000 innovative fabric samples for sustainable manufacturing. However, Kering’s initiatives for launching this change do not end with its innovative practices; the brand has also partnered with several universities to launch a sustainability curriculum for design students worldwide.

About lablaco’s Circular Fashion Summit

The Circular Fashion Summit is one of the first global VR summits that support the United Nations Sustainability Goals (2030). The summit aims to gather leaders in technology, design, innovation, and sustainability to promote three key goals: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure(SDG9), Reduced Inequalities (SDG10), and Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12).

The summit will celebrate leaders and partners of innovations that seek to help the fashion industry transition to a digital circular economy for enhanced sustainability through sustainable materials. Hopefully, the summit will ignite the change that would push us into a world without landfills and incinerated garments. Company’s like Lululemon are creating products made out of mushroom leather. Discover more about how vegan leather can help with circular economy. 

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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.