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Imagine being able to create an outfit of your choice with just a few pieces of fabric components. This is like the new Ikea furniture hack, or a SaaS service with amazing add-ons, you know the drill. JE CAI Modular System changes how we shop clothing, and empowers you to redefine your personal taste by utilizing base layers and different fabric components for innumerable iterations.

While most fashion brands push designs onto the consumer season after season, JE CAI has decided to take a different approach at London Fashion Week 2021 in collaboration with Tony & Guy. The collection does not offer conventional outfits, rather systemic formulations in the form of base layers and components that can be put together to create unique self-expression for the wearer. With JE CAI, the design comes from the consumer. 

Who Is JE CAI?

JE CAI was founded by Jiaen CAI. He had his training as a fashion designer at London College of Fashion and Royal College of Art. Cai combines the cultural influences he gathered from his Chinese and western upbringing to show diversity in his designs. He had the chance to hone his craft as a modern technological designer at renowned fashion houses, including Alexander Wang, Claire Barrow, Xander Zhou, and Mathew Miller. He is the recipient of the international 2019 ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award.

The JE CAI Collection And The Algorithmic Modular System

JE CAI collection of base layers and components are easily interchangeable. The system allows highly individualistic styles and designs that are true to the wearer’s personality and self-expression.

The JE CAI Algorithmic Modular System(AMS) consists of three separate collections: (1) 10 base layers, (2) 100 components, and (3) 1000 extra components. This system is inspired by Tao Te Ching’s philosophy found in chapter 42 of the book of Taoism, which goes like: “Tao breeds one, one breeds two, two breeds three, and three breeds everything”.

In simple words, Laozi explains how everything comes from nothing to one and then from one to everything. The JE CAI AMS follows the same ideology of making infinite possibilities from one.

The collection includes only three outfits (as mentioned above) from which you can create infinite iterations. You can attach, detach through elegant zipper and button fastening mechanisms to create a unique style. 

System 1

The AMS exists within this system. In this system the Basics, Components, and Extra Components are interchangeable. You can choose the color, shape and fabric type.

10 Basic

This is the core of the collection’s aesthetic. There are 10 Basic pieces that you can attach the 100 components through fastening mechanisms to create hybrid styles.

100 component

The 100 components are the side panels for your base style. These components allow you to experiment and create something unique blended with the base layers.

1000 extra component

Extra components include long and short sleeves, buttons, and much more to give your design the edge it needs.

What’s more?

The brand currently offers presets which allows you to buy modular designs that are already put together. You can also configure your own designs by buying individual pieces. The freedom of design is up to you.

Credit / JE Cai Algorithmic Modular System

JE CAI has also figured out how to be more sustainable in an industry that is heavily contributing to global pollution. JE CAI’s old components match the new components reducing the overall waste associated with creating new products. This system is truly inspiration as it has amplified the sustainable factor, while feeding us the crave of owning more new and personalized objects. What more can we ask? The brand is now available pre-orders, check their website at

Would you like to try JE CAI and create your own iteration? Tell us in the comment section below.


Hybrid Rituals

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.

Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.