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Over the last two years, fashion brands all over the world had to rethink their business models. Eddy Ricami is one such brand. Recently, the Italian manufacturer has partnered with Voxel8, a multi-material footwear manufacturer to create 3D-printed digital fashion accessories. 

This partnership will allow the companies to push boundaries in 3D printing tech. It will boost innovative 3D-printed accessories that would change the way footwear and accessories are manufactured.

Before we get into this transformative and probably industry revolutionizing agreement, let’s look into the two companies and their expertise.


Voxel8 and the era of multi-material footwear

Source / Voxel8

Voxel8 was founded in 2014 to create transformative solutions for the fashion industry. Started from Harvard, the company offers high-tech additive, digital, and multi-material manufacturing technology that came to be after decades of research and development.

The company holds more than 25 patents. The Voxel8’s ActiveLab®  specializes in printing elastomeric materials with mechanical properties onto garments and textiles providing a unique embedded functionality with high-resolution graphics. 

The company’s technology drastically reduces time to market from over a year to just a few weeks. The reduced lead time and the ability to manufacture designs closer to a larger customer base help Voxel8 bring cost-effective agile manufacturing processes with zero tooling cost to its clients. 

In addition, Voxel8’s unique technology allows manufacturers to fabricate high-resistant structures with special polymers (elastomers). These polymers can withstand stringent processes including elongations (>600%) and flexing/bending cycles at a reasonable cost. Compared to alternative 3D printing materials such as medical-grade silicone, polyurethane, and epoxies, Voxel8 offers low-cost solutions for creating and embedding high-resolution colored images within design structures.

The technology does not require complicated assembly processes or adhesives. Manufacturers can directly print on to the accessories and footwear. Owing to the myriad features packed in a single technology, manufacturers like Eddy Ricami can create highly unique designs to increase the brand’s appeal to a diverse customer base, and improve its performance in the long run.  


Source / Voxel8


“Voxel8 technology has gained global commercial traction in athletic and leisure footwear, and we are delighted to expand our reach into the European high fashion market with a distinguished partner such as Eddy Ricami who have built a reputation for innovation and quality,” according to Friedrich von Gottberg, CEO at Voxel8. “We look forward to collaborating with our partner to bring the benefits of Voxel8 technology to the fashion industry.”


Who is Eddy Ricami?


Eddy Ricami is an Italian manufacturer offering embroidery, digital printing manufacturing solutions. The company has been in business for over 20 years.

With its aim to always keep up with the technology, the company is always looking for new ways to expand its reach and elevate its growth. With its agreement with Voxel8, it seems, the company is fulfilling its core aim to bring the latest and most innovative 3D-printed digital fashion trends to its customers.

“Through our purchase of the ActiveLab® system, we look to bring new, customized design elements to our customers, leveraging the latest in additive manufacturing technology,” detailed Gianluca Bordoni, CEO and owner of the company. “In our evaluation of 3D printing offerings, we found Voxel8’s technology was uniquely positioned for printing on textiles. This is an example of our continued commitment to implementing innovative technical solutions to provide our customers with distinctive products.”


The agreement to revolutionize the fashion tech industry

Source / Voxel8

The agreement will allow Eddy Ricami to use Voxel8’s technology to produce and sell high-fashion products. This will help expand the brand’s reach to new markets and audiences while introducing new 3D-printed digital fashion to its current audience. 

Voxel8’s ActiveLab® gives manufacturers like Eddy Ricami the opportunity to create unique embellishments for customers with shorter lead times and design cycles even for complex 3D-printed digital fashion.  

The lab system will allow the manufacturer to use its software, hardware, and materials to print fully functional features on garments or textiles.

“Our technology fundamentally transforms how fashion footwear, apparel, and accessories are developed and produced,” Percy Chinoy, the director of business development at Voxel8 explained discussing the agreement.”It enables manufacturers to offer unique design embellishments to their customers with shorter design cycle times, reduced manufacturing lead times and inventory costs, and lowers costs associated with tooling, freight, and tariffs.” 

Eddy Ricami will be establishing the Voxel8’s ActiveLab® capabilities in Montecosaro, Italy to meet customers’ demands in a quick and timely fashion. This will reduce overseas production and help the manufacturer save both time and money while eliminating the risks associated with an overseas supply chain. Eddy Ricami customers will be able to experience high-end fashion designs at no incremental cost.


How this may impact the 3D fashion tech industry


This collaboration is a stepping stone towards implementing large-scale production. It would not only bring innovative designs to the customers but also inspire other brands to leverage additive, multi-material, and digital manufacturing in their design processes. This could ignite a new era of 3D-printed digital fashion. 

Next, explore the emerging 3D printed designers. 



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