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Last Update >>> September 22, 2021

​Fox’s Alter Ego singing competition, a technology-driven TV series that merges talent with visual effects, introduces the many singing “alter egos” for its first season. Find the latest news updates here for World’s first physi-digi TV show.

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What Is Fox’s Alter Ego?

Fox TV has figured out a way to bring a paradigm-shifting TV series format that would allow viewers to experience singing competitions like never before. The show will feature aspiring vocalists from all walks of life but they won’t be doing the regular singing. They will appear as their avatars or alter egos on stage to fully realize their potential as a performer through motion-capture technology. Hollywood Reporter calls the show a special-effect assisted spin on Fox’s earlier success, The Masked Singer.

Who Are The Alter Ego Judges?

Fox’s Alter Ego features a versatile judging panel including Alanis Morissette, Grimes,, and Nick Lachey, while Rocsi Diaz will assume the responsibility of the host. Given the unique nature of the show, the choice of judges is not surprising and seems to complement the show’s distinct approach to finding talent. Morissette and Lachey will bring their songwriting and stage experience respectively, while Grimes and will be able to judge the tech-based aesthetics that would define the overall aura of the show.

According to Rob Wade, president of alternative entertainment and specials at Fox, “Alter Ego merges talent and technology to revolutionize the singing competition show in only a way Fox can do”. We are so excited to bring the fantastic will., Alanis, Grimes, Nick, and Rocsi together as they search for the next big singing star, allowing incredible vocalists a chance to realize their dreams and perform like never before.”

While this singing competition will be the first of its kind, the technology isn’t new. There’s been an advent of digital avatars and virtual influencers in recent years, a trend that only seems to be growing. ALIZA technologies’ Aliza Rexx and virtual influencers like Shudu Gram are prominent examples of digital humans that portray a life that we all want to have. With avatars, we can realize our deepest, covert self that is hard to express otherwise. We can essentially become digital humans with our avatars and experience life in a different way. And Fox’s Alter Ego is going to help aspiring singers do just that. 

Who Are The Alter Ego Contestants?

Check out some of the alter egos from the series premiere:

Kingston Sol

Kingston Sol or James Paek wants you to bring your sunglasses because he intends to light up the stage!

Current city: Fullerton, California.

Hometown: Fullerton, California.


Mia Cherise Hall is Fern. She intends to bring both beauty and wholesomeness with strength at tonight’s show.

Current city: Rochester, New York.

Hometown: Irondequoit, New York.


Get ready for some country music with Aster, Kaylee Franzen.

Current city: Nashville, Tennessee.

Hometown: Flower Mound, Texas.


Milton Patton is trying to soulful country music to the stage with Wylie.

Current city: Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Hometown: Forrest City, Arkansas.

Misty Rose

Samaera Hirsch, Misty Rose, is an upcoming pop princess!

Current city: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Hometown: Glen Head, New York.


Siren (Yasmin Shawamreh) wants to blend Blues and acoustic soul  while she also loves to scat sing.

Current city: Chicago, Illinois.

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois.


Kai (Kobe Vang) is a sucker for heart-breaking music.

Current city: Schofield, Wisconsin.

Hometown: Berlin, Wisconsin.


Safara or Mariah Rosario intends to bring “big and sassy vocals with a spalsh of pop.

Current city: Phoenix, Arizona.

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona.

Queen Dynamite

Dasharra Bridges is the Queen Dynamite. She wants to bring back rock n roll.

Current city: Atlanta Georgia. Hometown: Rochester, New York.

Phoenix Ambers

Danielle Cetani is Phoenix Ambers and wants to introduce female-empowered rock n roll.

Current city: Roseville, California.

Hometown: Stockton, California.

Bernie Burns

Bernie Burns or Erny Nunez’s music sounds best when sipping on a martini.

Current city: Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Hometown: New York City, New York.

Night Journey

Israa Darwich is Night Journey. She loves purple and wants you to take on a musical journey.

Current city: Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Hometown: Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Nevaeh King

Get ready to stretch with, Jay Miah, Nevaeh King!

Current city: Tampa Bay, Florida.

Hometown: Longwood, Florida.

Lover Boy

Watch out for the Lover Boy, Anthony Flammia.

Current city: Yonkers, New York.

Hometown: Yonkers, New York.

ST. Luna

Sarah Isen, St. Luna, loves green. If it’s your too, don’t miss her!

Current city: Los Angeles, California.

Hometown: Berkeley, California.

The Dawn Majesty

kaleia Ayelett is The Dawn majesty and intends to conquer Alter Ego’s stage with confidence and control.

Current city: North Hollywood, California. Hometown: Orlando, Florida.

Wolfgang Champagne

You can call him Wolfy! Mathew Lord created Wolfgang Champagne.

Current city: Dallas, Texas.

Hometown: Napa, California.

Orlando Deville

Get ready for the blast from the past with Orlando Deville (Chase Padgett).

Current city: Vancouver, Washington.

Hometown: Orlando, Florida.


Get ready to go into the depths of rock and soul with Kyara Tetreault.

Current city: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dipper Scott

Jacob (Jake) Thomsen (Calinoda) created Dipper Scott to spread heartbreak music.

Current city: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina. .


The show will reportedly use visual effects to create unique avatars for each performer during the live shows. Follow the host, Rocsi Diaz to get a sneak peek behind the scenes.


The season premiere will air on September 22 after The Masked Singer.


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