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Gentle Monster, once again, has proved its commitment to technology and innovation in eyewear with its new eyewear collection: SWIPE. It is a Gentle Monster X Moncler genius collaboration that examines our relationship to the digital age.

SWIPE is Gentle Monster X Moncler Genius’s debut collaboration that features 11 collections, scheduled for the Moncler Genius Project. The event is currently being streamed live all over the world and held in Seoul, South Korea.

The collaboration includes LCD eyewear that allows you to experience different versions of the logo with a SWIPE motion. All you need to do is to swipe the screen on the sunglasses near the temple and watch the logos change. 


Gentle Monster X Moncler

The eyewear aims to connect human emotions with auditory and visual experiences to combine the online and offline realms for interconnectedness so that we don’t feel too detached from either. South Korean electro-pop artists, GRAY CODE and jiiiiin created the audio/video experience of the show. The live show features the new eyewear collection and Moncler’s apparel, pairing the two for a unique blend.

The collection carries a sleek black design with four new styles and a complete range of eyewear for men and women.

In addition, the Gentle Monster X Moncler Genius show features media art and kinetic installations under the theme “Swipe”. The show will present the full eyewear looks along with the installation art by Gentle Monster. You can watch the special 16 swinging display installations on Gentle Monster.

Who Is Gentle Monster?

Gentle Monster is a contemporary Seoul-based optical and sunglasses brand created by Hankook KLim in 2011.

What Are The Most Popular Gentle Monster Sunglasses? 

Gentle Monster has a plethora of offerings that have been immensely popular with both celebrities and the general public. Apart from its latest LED sunglasses, the brand offers Her 01 that has been quite popular with K-drama celebrities. Check out the latest sunglasses by Gentle Monster here.

How Do I Know If My Gentle Monster Is Real?

All Gentle Monster authentic sunglasses come with an authenticity certificate card. You are required to register the product’s serial number at code.gentle

Can You Adjust Gentle Monster Sunglasses? 

All of the Gentle Monster flagship stores offer customers complimentary glasses adjustments. If you bought your sunglasses online or didn’t get your in-store adjustments, you can send the glasses and the company will adjust and send them back.

Does Gentle Monster Has Warranty?

Yes. All Gentle Monster sunglasses have a 1-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. The warranty, however, does not cover customer negligence or wear and tear.

This post was last updated on 24, October 2021. 






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Editor @ Hybrid Rituals.