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The pandemic has limited us from carrying on with daily rituals. Shopping is one of the main inconvenience that we suffer from. We see a steady growth of Augmentative Reality (AR) developments are invented to eased the struggles of a shopper like you and me. AR technologies in fashion give us the power to experiences beyond the physical world. For the end of the year, we are going to look back at 2020’s top 3 trends on AR technologies in Fashion.


AR Filter Fitting 

Image / Nike Fit


From the comfort of your home, and a smartphone at hand, you are able to virtually try on clothes and shoes with high accuracy. This give buyers more options to experience the product more before purchasing. 

Despite their reputation as shoe brands, companies like Nike are also at the forefront of AR technology. Their app includes an AR feature, Nike Fit, which helps customers determine their correct shoe size. Using such an app is as simple as pointing the phone camera to your feet. Your shoe size data is saved on a QR code so that you don’t have to be measuring your shoe size each time you spot an interesting shoe design on their online platform. 


AR Game-like Shopping Experience

Image / Sephora

Gucci also has a ‘try on’ AR feature in collaboration with Snapchat. You can use their device camera to try on various sneaker designs. You can take photos and share them on social media, which helps promote the brand. Adidas has also embraced the ‘try on’ AR feature for its shoe collection to excite more users.


AR Technologies in Fashion x Fitness

Image / Lululemon Mirror Home Gym

The same way you use a mirror to see a reflection of yourself is the same way AR technology will mirror the outside world into your home setting. Since fashion and fitness are like cousins, Lululemon‘s mirror acquisition is a perfect AR protege. It’s a wall-mounted AR mirror that lets you stream workout sessions. You get to benefit from effective fitness routines as you await your AR previewed clothes order.     

AR is an exciting chapter in the 2020 fashion industry as it intends to define new shopping experiences and at the same time keep us safe from the ongoing pandemic.

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Mo Zhou

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious

Founder of Hybrid Rituals. #AlwaysCurious