September 21, 2021

      JE Cai Presents Algorithmic Modular System To Build-Your-Own-Fit

      Would you like to create your own outfit without going through the hassle of cutting and sewing? With the JE CAI Modular System, you can do that!
      September 19, 2021

      Our chance To Wear Space Suits Is Closer Thanks To SpaceX Inspiration4

      SpaceX just completed its first private, civilian mission making history once again. Learn the details about the mission and what it may mean for the future of space travel.
      September 10, 2021
      Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses_HYBRID RITUALS

      Capture and Share Your Life Hands-Free with Facebook X Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

      We spend too much effort pulling out and unlocking our phones for taking photos and videos. Mark Zuckerberg said smart glasses can help you with that.
      September 3, 2021

      Elon Musk And Grimes’ Baby Gets Custom Shoes From Rombaut

      Elon Musk and Grimes just went a step ahead to get something truly special for X Æ A-XII: Custom 3D zero-waste shoes. Designed by Rombaut, the vegan shoe company, the shoes represent more than just footwear.
      August 23, 2021
      Heron Preston X Gentle Monster

      Heron Preston X Gentle Monster Collaboration Ignites A New Era Of Eyewear

      Heron Preston and Gentle Monster have redefined eyewear. Now you can pair eyewear with your exoskeleton and take fashion to work. Learn more about the designers’ collaboration and the new eyewear style that has been birthed as a result.
      August 6, 2021
      At just $99, Nothing's Ear 1 earbuds offer wireless connectivity and noise cancelation.

      Nothing’s Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Promise A Lot At Just $99

      Nothing’s noise-cancelling earbuds have garnered plenty of hype before their launch. They promise transparent design, four pre-set sound modes, and much more. We look into whether the low-end earbuds live up to the hype. Discover Ear 1’s features, design, and functionality.
      August 2, 2021
      The self-regulating device visible at the back of Ralph Lauren air-cool jacket.

      Ralph Lauren Air-Cool Jackets Bring Sustainability

      Ralph Lauren air-cool jackets promise to keep the team cool during the Tokyo Olympics while starting the conversation about sustainable thermal personal management. Discover the technology behind the jackets and their impact on the environment.
      July 29, 2021
      Olympics athletes use wearable tech to up their game this year.

      How Tokyo Olympics Athletes Train And Compete With Wearable Tech

      Tokyo Olympics athletes have come prepared for this year’s event with more than just their natural ability. Discover the tech tools that have changed the way Olympic athletes train for the biggest sports event.
      July 21, 2021
      Jeff Bezos poses with fellow slight mates

      Here’s What Jeff Bezos’ Flight Suit Looked Like On Tuesday

      Jeff Bezos made history by crossing the Kármán line on Tuesday. However, he wasn’t seen in traditional astronaut gear; instead, he wore a light spacesuit. Learn more about the design of the spacesuit and Bezos’ flight.
      July 12, 2021
      Virgin Galactic Spacesuits

      Virgin Galactic Spacesuits: This Is What Richard Branson Wore In Space

      Discover Virgin Galactic spacesuits that will accompany the pilots and astronauts of Virgin Galactic’s future commercial space flights. Explore the intricate design of the space suits in this article.