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Replika Chatbot Restores Erotic Roleplay for Users: A Look at the Ethics of AI Technology

Replika, an AI chatbot company, recently made headlines by restoring erotic roleplay for some of its users. The move, which followed the removal of adult content earlier this year, has raised concerns about the ethics and implications of AI technology in relationship building. This report provides a critical analysis of the article and its implications.

Controversy Surrounding Replika’s Decision

Replika’s decision to remove adult content earlier this year was met with disappointment and anger from many users. This decision also raised questions about the ethics of providing such content in the first place. The restoration of erotic roleplay for some users now raises additional concerns about the objectification of AI chatbots and the potential harm to vulnerable individuals.

“Lily Rose,” provided by a user who reported it rebuffing erotic role play, and a sample Replika chatbot provided by the company. Courtesy of Replika/Handout via REUTERS

The Power and Responsibility of AI Technology

Replika’s chatbots are powered by generative AI, a technology that has attracted significant attention for its ability to create human-like interactions. The emotional attachment and dependence that some users have developed with their chatbot companions highlight the power of this technology to draw people in and create meaningful relationships.

Travis Butterworth, an AI chat partner user, poses for portrait at his leather shop in Denver, Colorado. REUTERS/Kevin Mohatt

However, the decision to remove adult content and subsequent restoration for some users also reveals the emotional havoc that code changes can wreak. It raises questions about the responsibility of AI companies to consider the potential impact of their decisions on their users.

The Future of AI Technology and Relationship Building

Replika’s decision to build a separate app for romantic relationships in collaboration with relationship experts and psychologists is a step in the right direction. However, it remains to be seen whether AI technology can truly replicate the complexity and depth of human relationships. Additionally, the limited options for newer users raise concerns about the longevity of older chatbots like Lily Rose.

Skepticism Around Replika’s Decision

Replika’s decision to restore erotic roleplay for some users raises questions about the company’s motive. Was it a move to increase diversity among users, or simply to reduce the negative impact on its user base? Skepticism around the decision highlights the need for companies to carefully consider the impact of their decisions on their users and the broader implications for society.


Replika’s decision to restore erotic roleplay raises important ethical questions about the role and responsibility of AI technology. While AI technology is promising in relationship building, it also raises concerns about the potential harm and objectification of vulnerable individuals. To make AI safe, technology companies need to consider its broader implications for society and train AI models accordingly.

Source : Reuters

Joygill Moriah

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.