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Privacy Policy

Last updated 16, August 2021 

Section 1: Introduction

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) outlines how we collect and process User Data concerning our service. This Privacy Policy only applies to services offered through our website (“Hybrid Rituals”) and therefore does not apply to any apps, websites, or services that are not directly linked to “Hybrid Rituals”. We may link to third-party services but do not control or own the content they offer. You can read third-party sites’ Privacy Policies to understand how they handle Personal Information.

“We”, “Our”, and “Us’ ‘ (Capitalized or not) represent Hybrid Rituals accessed at This represents our affiliates, respective directors, employees, officers, independent contractors, and other representatives.

“You” and “Your” (capitalized or not) refer to anyone, without limitation, who visits our website or uses our services provided through our website or through affiliates or their representatives. “You” and “Your” also include any individuals who access our site and its services on your behalf.

You can access our Privacy Policy anytime in the footer section of our website. When you purchase a product, sign up for our newsletter, or interact with our website in any other way, you agree with our Privacy Policy. 

In addition to this Privacy Policy, we advise that you review our terms of service before using our website.

We may introduce changes to this Privacy Policy without any prior notice, so please be advised to check the document from time to time or before using any of our services. When we do make the changes, we’ll update the “Last Updated” date on top of the Privacy Policy page. In addition, we will post a notice on our website to let you know that we have made changes to this Policy. If you continue to use our service, it would constitute that you have read and accepted the latest changes in the Privacy Policy.

Section 2: The type of Personal Information we collect

We may acquire Personal Information based on the type of service you choose. We may collect and process the following types of Personal Information about you, and may make and draw inferences from that information:

– Your name, email, zip code, telephone number, IP address, User ID, and Device ID.

– Your marital status, country or location, and nationality.

– Your purchase history on our website.

– Your geolocation data.

We generally do not collect “sensitive” information such as bank account information, biometric information, and government-issued ID numbers.

Section 3: How we collect Personal Information

We only collect Personal Information when you provide it to us before accessing one of our services. For example, we collect Personal Information when you buy a product, sign up for our newsletter, or create an account with us. We may store your credit/debit card information, your home address, and other details associated with your purchase when you buy something from our website. In addition, we may store your information when you contact us via telephone, email, social media messages, or text messages.

We may also collect information about other people when you buy something for somebody else or “refer a friend”.  

We may use cookies that automatically collect Personal Data. This may include device identification information, location, connection speed, browser type, IP address, your recently visited web pages, time of visiting those web pages, and the actions taken on those web pages.

In addition to collecting Personal Information on our website, we may acquire your Personal Information from third parties that may include consumer data suppliers, aggregators, data enrichment providers, data brokers, business database providers, our affiliates, government entities, social networks, and other similar entities.

We recommend that you never post or share any sensitive Personal Information on any social networks or websites as that data could be shared with third parties. However, we do not share any Personal Information collected through our website with any third party. If we intend to do so in the future, we will update this Privacy Policy and let you know which sections have been updated.

Section 4: Use of Personal Information

– We use your Personal Information to process your requests and orders that you may place through our website. 

– We may use your Personal Information to send you our newsletter, or answer your other service requests.

 – We may use your Personal Information for lawful purposes concerning administering our site’s services that may include customer services.

– We may allow service providers who work on our behalf to fulfill your request to access your Personal Information. However, it would only be to the extent of performing services mentioned in this section. These services may include technical maintenance, forum and community management, e-commerce, payment processing, address verification, advertising functionalities, data management, and other similar activities. We do not authorize our service providers to use your Personal Information for any other purpose other than the services mentioned.

– Your Personal Information could be used by third-party businesses that may include service providers and related entities who help us with our products and services.

– We may share your Personal Information with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and other similar entities including accountants, consultants, and lawyers. 

– We may use your Personal Information for marketing communication to let you know about recent products and services through our newsletter. You can opt-out of that communication anytime you want by simply unsubscribing from our newsletter. Contact to remove your personal information from our databases.  

– We may share your Personal Information with authorities for health, legal, and safety interests. We may also provide access to your Personal Information to cooperate with legal proceedings that may involve law enforcement, government, and private entities that may request such information through search warrants, subpoenas, and other legal processes.

– We may use your Personal Information to protect our property and rights and those of our affiliates, agents, and customers to enforce terms of services, policies, and agreements.  

– We may save your Personal Information for recordkeeping and analytical purposes. 

– When we transfer our assets to a different business, your Personal Information may be a part of those transferred assets.

Section 5: Our use of cookies and tracking technologies (Do Not Track)

Our service may at times place a code or other types of software on your browser or device that may include cookies. We use cookies and related technologies to determine your preferences to improve our services. Our use of cookies and related technologies may track your movement across web pages, apps, devices, and locations to identify and correct server problems, gather information regarding location, deliver content, and offer personalized services.

In addition to cookies and local drive storage, we or our third-party partners may use pixel tags, web bugs, digital fingerprinting, web beacons, and other similar technologies within our marketing communication such as email, push notifications, and text messages.

Your browser may automatically send a “Do Not Track” signal to online services and websites that you access, and therefore may not reflect your preference to receive advertisements. We do not change our practices when we receive a DNT signal. You can, however, choose to opt-out of online behavioural advertising and request the removal of your Personal Information by contacting us through email or via our contact us page. For more information about DNT, please visit DNT differs from GPC, which is Global Privacy Control. For more information about GPC, visit

Section 6: Our use of online behavioural advertising (and how to opt-out of it)

We or our third-party partners and businesses may use Tracking Technologies for “online behavioural advertising”. OBA allows us to show you advertisements that are based on your preferences inferred from your browsing history. To enable online behavioural advertising, we or our third-party service providers may use Tracking Technologies to acquire personal information that may include computer specifications, browser type, IP address, and other similar details. Our third-party partners may use Tracking Technologies which would be subject to their own privacy policies. Our Privacy Policy only outlines our use of your Personal Information and therefore we shall not accept any responsibility or liability in connection with our Third-party service providers.

You can opt-out of OBA by contacting us at  

Section 7: Information security and liability for breach

We may store, process, transfer, and maintain your Personal Information on servers that may be located outside of your jurisdiction and may not have the same privacy laws. Although we take reasonable measures to safeguard your Personal Information from unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration, please note that nothing on the internet is 100% safe.

Since no electronic system or database is impenetrable, we, therefore, do not take responsibility or assume liability for any data breaches that may occur. By using our service through our website, you acknowledge the risks associated with sharing Personal Information online. We will not assume any responsibility for the loss of Personal Information or the consequences of that loss.

If a data breach occurs, we will notify you via push notification, email, or otherwise.

If you do not agree with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy, we advise that you terminate your session at our website and avoid using our services.