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      October 11, 2021
      Credits / Dolce & Gabbana NFT

      Dolce & Gabbana NFT Drop Sets A New Record In Fashion NFTs At $6.1 Million

      The future isn’t that far ahead. Dolce & Gabbana just sold out their first NFT collection for a whopping $6 million with plans to launch more collections. Does this mean we'll have virtual fashion closets in the future?
      October 5, 2021
      Heron Preston 3D shoes

      Heron Preston Unveils Sustainable 3D Printed Shoes

      Heron Preston and Zellerfeld launch a new 3D shoe that you can slip on and off. The shoes are 100% recyclable and can be updated. Discover the new 3D shoes and their features.
      October 2, 2021
      Kylie Jenner Fitness Mirror

      Kylie Jenner Spotted Using Smart Mirror To Stay Fit

      Kylie Jenner took a selfie in front of a smart mirror while working out in her home gym. Here's What you need to know about smart mirrors and how they can get you in shape.
      September 30, 2021
      Farm-to-closet fashion

      Designer Christy Dawn Is Making Farm-To-Closet Fashion Mainstream

      Would you like to invest $200 in regenerative farming practices and become a part of sustainable fashion ecosystem? Through Christy Dawn’s Land Stewardship Program, you can help grow organic cotton and help create the lasting change the environment needs.
      September 29, 2021
      PANGAIA Co2 sunglasses

      PANGAIA Launches Co2 Sunglasses And PANGAIA Lab In Partnership With Twelve

      PANGAIA lab presents its first sustainable eyewear collection in partnership with Twelve, a carbon transformation technology to accelerate sustainability practices. Discover PANGAIA lab and the prize.
      September 28, 2021
      Kering Fur Free Goals 2022

      Kering Announces Fur-Free Goals Starting Fall 2022

      French luxury brand Kering has announced its plans to ditch all fur starting from fall 2022. None of the companies brands will be using fur from that point on. Does that mean we won't have luxury fur coats anymore?
      September 27, 2021
      Gucci Vault - Milan Fashion Week

      Gucci Vault: Authentic Vintage Handbags & Upcycle Collaborations

      Gucci Vault aims to create an experimental online space that offers vintage one-off pieces, upcycled and reconditioned, to help reduce the burden the fashion has on the environment. Discover what’s inside the Vault.
      September 26, 2021

      Gentle Monster X Moncler Present LED Screen Sunglasses

      Gentle Monster X Moncler Genius has a new eyewear collection that seeks to address the detachment from reality in the digital age. Explore the four new styles and the range of women's and men's eyewear.
      September 24, 2021
      Rens Original NOMAD coffee sneakers

      How Exactly Do They Make Rens NOMAD Coffee Sneakers?

      If you are a conscious consumer, here's what's missing from your wardrobe: a coffee sneaker. Rens NOMAD is creating sneakers made out of 100% vegan materials to help you go sustainable.
      September 23, 2021
      Global Change Award 2022

      One Month Left To Apply For HM Foundation’s Global Change Award 2022

      Global Change Award 2022 is seeking applicants with innovations or technology to change how fashion is made and consumed. If you have what it takes, apply now to win a million euro grant.