July 24, 2021
      Mark Zukerberg Facebook Metaverse

      Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook To Become A Metaverse Company

      Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook as a metaverse company in the future, and he already has plans to transcend to that future. Learn more about his plans.
      July 9, 2021
      Louboutin AR/VR experience

      Explore Louboutin AR/VR Experience in Vaporwave Style

      Louboutin men's shoe collection features an avant-garde augmented and virtual reality experience that may stay etched in our memories forever. Find out more details about Louboutin AR/VR experience in this article.
      May 19, 2021

      Gucci Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary on Roblox With Exclusive Experience & Clothing

      A 2 week event featuring exclusive experience of Gucci Garden, and a Roblox skins collection created by Rook Vanguard.
      May 10, 2021
      Image / Simon Rocha X H&M

      Who is Simone Rocha, the Designer who created AR fashion with H&M

      Simone Rocha found a unique way to showcase her collection with H&M. Here are the highlights of the augmented reality experience that made stars come to life in a pop-up book.
      May 8, 2021

      Meet the world’s first digital supermodel – Shudu Gram

      The world’s first digital supermodel is a big social media influencer. But who’s behind her, and what does she represent for the fashion industry? We explore her life and controversies in this post.