Transporting us back to the late 70’s and early 80’s this music video connects classic aesthetics such as the streets of brick lane while remaining nostalgic. The production is introspective and dives into the pain of loss and the beauty in growth. Valley of Def is a dreamy escape with the mellow flow of Goya Gumbani and ethereal vocals of Pearl de Luna, and finally complemented by Subculture’s reminiscent production. The visuals melt into each other imitating the enchanting vocal layering.


Each line almost delivers as a question, opening the door for the audience to listen and ponder on the wisdom he shares. This production explores the subconscious and shares the growth that lies ahead of every radical shift in life. An entrancing melody supplemented by beautiful visuals. Check out “Valley of Def” below but remember to reflect for a moment after listening intently to the insight he shares:


Tell them 📢  Hybrid Rituals // Glimpse Sent You  👉 “Goya Gumbani & Subculture -Valley of Def Feat. Pearl de Luna



Directed by Krishan Kumar Sharda

Cinematography by Ché Deedigan & Krishan Kumar Sharda 

Edited and graded by Chris Lewin 

Action vehicles supplied by Nicholas Bordeaux

Producer: Subculture

Trumpet: Johnny Woodham

Bass Guitar: Milo Craig

Mixed & Mastered by Yoram Vazan (Firehouse Studios)

Twisted Hearts Records & GGwav Recordings (2021)

Joygill Moriah

A multimedia digital artist based in Vancouver, BC! Pouring her emotions into her artistry, her work serves as a creative outlet. Yujin/Flux aims to constantly integrate new media forms into her productions.