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Midjourney partners with Google Cloud for AI Infrastructure, sustainable energy, and unmatched scalability to the Midjourney community.

Google Cloud announced a new partnership with Midjourney.

Google Cloud has recently partnered with Midjourney, an independent research lab that provides a platform for AI-powered creative tools. These tools help create visual imagery with natural language interfaces. This partnership will bring cutting-edge AI infrastructure, sustainable energy, and unmatched scalability to the Midjourney community.

The partnership will benefit AI enthusiasts, developers, and business leaders looking to develop advanced AI applications with an excellent user experience.

Advanced AI Infrastructure: Leveraging Google Cloud’s Custom-Developed AI Accelerators

Midjourney will leverage Google Cloud’s custom-developed AI accelerators, Tensor Processor Units (TPUs), and GPU VMs to train its fourth-generation AI model and render generated images with lightning-fast speed. This combination will enable GCP customers like Midjourney to handle any AI workload with flexibility and speed.

Open Approach to AI Infrastructure: Enabling Seamless Creative Experience with Scalable, Secure, and Stable Infrastructure

The open approach to AI development and custom chips leadership of Google Cloud allows a seamless creative experience. Google offers massive opportunities for AI advancements given its scalable, secure, and stable infrastructure.

As AI opens doors for innovation across industries, companies like Midjourney are choosing Google Cloud. This helps them take advantage of its open, flexible, and performant infrastructure, which runs with incredible scale and efficiency.

Emphasis on Environmental Sustainability: The Latest Generation of TPUs Operates at 90% Carbon-Free Energy

The partnership between Midjourney and Google Cloud seeks to enhance technological growth and emphasizes environmental sustainability. The latest generation of TPUs operates at 90% carbon-free energy in one of the most efficient data centers globally, providing an eco-friendly option for tech enthusiasts and business leaders looking to balance innovation with sustainability.

Partnership Benefits: Revolutionizing the Future of AI Creativity for Developers and Business Leaders

David Holz, founder, and CEO of Midjourney said, “We’re proud to provide incredible tools for our creative community using Google’s global and scalable infrastructure. From training the latest versions of our algorithms on the v4 TPUs with JAX to running inference on huge clusters of GPUs, we have been happy working with Google as a partner.”

Given the possibilities it presents, this partnership will undoubtedly revolutionize the future of AI creativity. Developers, AI enthusiasts, and business leaders looking to take their AI applications to the next level should explore text-to-image generative AI.

To explore text-to-image generative AI with Midjourney, please visit To learn more about the AI infrastructure powering this platform, visit

Source: PRNewswire

Joygill Moriah

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.

Cofounder of Hybrid Rituals. Founder of GLIMPSE. Digital Art & trends researcher.