Drawing in emotions you may have never felt,  VAPORWAVE STAR manages to create an intimate ambience of love that resonates so deeply anyways. The love she has for Eyedress authentically presents through not just the lyrics but her dreamy magnetising vocals that brings a wave of tranquillity.


The production of this music video visually replicates to its highest capability the daze of a love and passion so deep it immerses her completely. 

Check out Elvia’s VAPORWAVE STATIC below (P.S Eyedress actually filmed this as well!)


Tell them 📢  Hybrid Rituals // Glimpse Sent You  👉 EYEDRESS – VAPORWAVE STATIC


Directed by: Eyedress

Shirt by: X-GIRL

Produced by: Rhxanders and Eyedress

A multimedia digital artist based in Vancouver, BC! Pouring her emotions into her artistry, her work serves as a creative outlet. Yujin/Flux aims to constantly integrate new media forms into her productions.