The fleeting moments of intoxicating situationships can trigger an intense surge of emotions, and Eliza Legzdina’s debut single – “RED”, gives a fine glimpse into just that. Taking influences from Soul, Rnb and Brazilian electronics, she reflects on the heaviest emotions that cycle while being vulnerable for someone who doesn’t deserve it. 


Attachment oftentimes arises in the heat of passion, pursuing and idealising a fleeting intoxicating connection. This music video plays on colour, using black and white to emphasise numbness, faded colours blurring together to play on daze and confusion, and finally hues of red to highlight anger and disappointment. If you want to yell or cry about a love that once was, make sure to check out “RED” by Eliza below.


Tell them 📢  Hybrid Rituals // Glimpse Sent You  👉 RED – ELIZA LEGZDINA x HURRICANE


Production: Hurricane 

Joygill Moriah

A multimedia digital artist based in Vancouver, BC! Pouring her emotions into her artistry, her work serves as a creative outlet. Yujin/Flux aims to constantly integrate new media forms into her productions.