The unprecedented shock of the Covid-19 Pandemic left a permanent mark triggering substantial mental distress in the masses and fans leaned on Adé Hakim to conquer the heaviness of their mental exhaustion. Adé’s “LOVE IS WORTH MY TIME” is track 21 on his entirely self produced album – “Happiest People in The World Wide Web” where he encourages an optimistic perspective targeted to breaking down the suffocating cages of our mind. This track preaches joyful perceptions without minimising the debilitating effects of mental illness. 


Many times we fall into a painful cycle in the rumination of our depression and Adé instead encourages conscious and introspective perspectives. A computerised monologue serves as the intro to this album that says, “by listening to this record you’ve chosen to break free from the mental chains of trauma and depression. Enjoy.” This production mends into that very mantra of conscious optimism. “LOVE IS WORTH MY TIME” is not only a masterpiece for the poetry in his lyricism or the artistry in his mixing techniques, but a masterpiece resulting from the crafts of his talents in not just sound, but aesthetic visuals, which fuses together to create this impactful production. Check out the artistry of Adé Hakim’s “LOVE IS WORTH MY TIME below:

Tell them 📢  Hybrid Rituals // Glimpse Sent You  👉 LOVE IS WORTH MY TIME


Shot and Edited by : Orlando Urbina and Marshall Tan
Produced By : Adé Hakim

Joygill Moriah

A multimedia digital artist based in Vancouver, BC! Pouring her emotions into her artistry, her work serves as a creative outlet. Yujin/Flux aims to constantly integrate new media forms into her productions.